Like any rational-minded person, here at Kate Protz London, we recognize the importance of ensuring our products and procedures carry as little environmental impact as possible.  We aim to create and enable customers to be able to purchase products that are either made from recyclable materials or can be fully recycled with as little impact as possible.  It is an ongoing process for us to source and provide such products

Whilst the majority of the Lampshades, such as the metallic and double lined, featured on our site are made from PVC we are happy to provide our customers with an eco-friendly alternative.  All our cotton, velvets, and silks can be backed onto card-lined shades, made from 100% elemental chlorine-free wood pulps sourced from carefully managed and renewed forests.  These shades do only come with the plain white interior, however.  Currently, all lampshades that are marketed as children’s shade do only come with the PVC backing.

We are continually working on sourcing and designing products to expand our eco-conscious ranges.  Please subscribe to be kept informed of all new product launches. 

Transportation of goods does carry a high environmental impact. Ways in which we are working to reduce our impact are; no plastic is used for the packaging of our goods.  Shades are protected with packing paper and for the larger shades (30cm and up) further protection is offered by the use of double boxing.  This double-boxing policy helps to reduce damage in transit to our shades, something we seek to avoid, not only because it causes inconvenience for our customers, a financial impact for us but a damaged shade is a useless shade.  You will notice that unlike other suppliers of lampshades we have made a conscious decision not to use polythene wrap around the shade, not as a cost-saving exercise but because we feel this is simply unnecessary plastic waste.  Polythene wrap is generally used when shades are kept in storage to protect from dust, but as our shades are made to order and not stored we have decided that he is not necessary.

You, the customer. Can help minimize the impact of transportation by ensuring you have ordered a shade you will be happy with.  Measure your space/lamp base accurately or ask us for help to ensure the size is correct and take advantage of our free samples service.

We are a UK-based business and our in-house products are all produced here in the UK. The Suppliers for the materials used to make our in-house products are also UK-based (although they may source their products from overseas) This helps to again, minimize transportation and environmental impact.